Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visa Saga Part One - Rules of the Game

If you regularly keep up with this blog you will know that back in February I was able to get a work visa while I was out of the country. My friends and I purposely extended our vacation an extra week so that we could arrive back in country after a national holiday was over and civic workers would be back at their desks. The reason behind this was simple; stapled to my new visa in my passport was an important notice that read "The holder of this visa is kindly reminded to go through the procedures for obtaining the residence permit for aliens in local public security bureau within 30 days from the date of entry, to avoid illegal stay."

The procedures for obtaining a residence permit are as follows:

a. Register with the local police in charge of the area where you live (he must fill in your residence cars as well as a letter of verification)

b. Obtain an Alien Employment Permit from the labour department.

c. Register with the local police in charge of the area where your work office is located.

d. Take the above documents to the District Police Station and get their stamp of approval.

e. Drop your passport and above documentations off at the City Police Headquarters in order to get your residence permit.

All of these steps must be done in 30 days or less -- GAME ON!

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