Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Back!!!!!!!!

The Internet is back!

With just the click of a button I can look-up anything, answer any question, talk to my friends, read and write emails, check out my friend's blogs, scan the latest news, sports, and weather, chat on skype and so forth. It is so amazing.

It is also a little overwhelming, after 10 months with no regular internet access, I didn't even remember what some of my old favorite sites where.

My friends and I were talking this morning about how we have a unique opportunity to start afresh. North Americans, in general are so use to being connected to the world-wide web. Wire-less at home, the office, and even in coffee shops. Most phones are also able to connect. The amount of time people spend on-line is mind boggling. I know before we lost our connection I was on almost an hour to an hour and a half a day. That worked out to 7-10 hours a week, when I look at my schedule now I don't know where I ever found the time.

The last ten months was like going cold turkey from any sort of internet addiction we might of had. Now it's back and we get to try to balance staying connected with the outside world with all that is going on here.

The next few posts are still going to be coming to you from the past as mom catches up with the ones my computer sent her while it was on vacation, and I take a couple of weeks adjusting to this new life in the loop, and getting in touch with friends.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats and welcome back!!!! ;)